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  • 13zł

    Wspomnienie słonecznej Italiigluten, nuts

    Crispy wheat Bruschetta baked under juicy cherry tomatoes, garlic, fresh basil and olives, sprinkled with Grana Padano cheese

  • 21zł

    Krewetki w Glinie Skwierczącegluten, spicy

    Six Black Tiger shrimps, dipped in a wine-buttermilk sauce with garlic, parsley and hot pepperoncino peppers, all served with crispy garlic baguettes

  • 26zł

    Przysmak Kanibala

    Beef sirloin carpaccio with rucola, capers, olives, Granna Padano crisps and olive oil


  • 11zł

    Żur Śląskigluten

    Traditional sourdough of homemade leaven with sausage, egg, potatoes and fragrant marjoram. Served with garlic croutons

  • 14zł

    Runo Leśnegluten

    Boletus, bay bollete and egg-mushrooms, creamed, served with crispy garlic baguette

  • 14zł

    Flaczki Staropolskiegluten

    Tripe cooked in a clear broth with the addition of beef streak, root vegetables and a special blend of aromatized herbs. Served with warm garlic croutons


  • 18zł

    Fikoł z Rusztu na Sałaciegluten

    Grilled juicy chicken breast fillet, served with fresh vegetables and a combination of lettuce, mixed with vinaigrette sauce, accompanied by Grana Padano cheese crisps

  • 19zł

    Łosoś z jajemgluten

    Sliced cold smoked salmon served with an egg, mix of salads with vegetables with garlic sauce and vinaigrette

  • 23zł

    Poparzona Kozagluten, nuts

    A nice slice of roasted goat cheese rolls gently flavoured with maple syrup accompanied by roasted nuts, seasonal fruits, mixed with a bouquet of fragrant lettuce bathed in velvet raspberry dressing


  • 16zł

    Penne Primaveragluten, nuts

    Penne pasta mixed with quarters of cherry tomatoes, fresh basil, mozzarella cheese and pesto

  • 18zł

    Tagliatelle Primcosagluten, spicy

    Bacon, mushrooms, cherry tomatoes, pepperoncino peppers, and all of it combined in cheese sauce with a touch of Grana Padano cheese and Tagliatelle pasta

  • 21zł

    Fusilli con Melanzanegluten

    Fusilli dipped in turmeric-cream sauce with garlic, rosemary, chicken fillet, crispy aubergine and fresh basil with Grana Padano cheese

  • 19zł

    Spaghetti Broccologluten, ostre

    Spaghetti pasta lightly stewed in olive oil, white sausage, garlic, pepperoncino peppers and fresh broccoli, all with Grana Padano cheese

  • 26zł

    Gnocci Ala Verde Maregluten, spicy

    Italian gnocchi served in white wine sauce with garlic, squid rings, mussels, pepperoncino peppers and pesto

  • 23zł

    Linguine Aglio Olio Gamberetti e Peperoncinogluten, spicy

    Linguine pasta mixed in a wine-buttermilk emulsion with garlic, shrimps, black olives, dried tomatoes and a taste of parsley and the whole crushed with crunchy angel wings

Main dishes

  • 25zł

    Mistrzostwo z beli na talerzugluten

    Home-made pork gyros with brittle salads and fresh assorted vegetables, mixed in garlic sauce accompanied by Steakhouse fries and classic tzatziki

  • 26zł

    Schab Flinstonagluten

    Centre loin with bone, served with baked young potatoes and fried cabbage with bacon

  • 29zł

    Wyrolowany Indyk

    Turkey breast roulade stuffed with dried tomatoes and spinach with mixed wild rice accompanied by romanesco cauliflower and cheese sauce

  • 32zł

    Golonka Sowiogórskagluten

    Cured pork shank, served with roasted young potatoes and young roasted cabbage with dill, accompanied by grated horseradish and mustard

  • 36zł

    Świńska Awangardagluten

    Juicy pork loin, wrapped in smoked bacon with a slice of Ementaler cheese between accompanied by peppered potato puree and broad beans stewed in dill butter and all the delicacies served on red wine sauce

Fish dishes

  • 28zł

    Pstrąg król potoków w papilociegluten

    Trout roasted in baking foil accompanied by assorted vegetables and young potatoes, dipped in garlic butter with dill

  • 36zł

    Rzeczny drapieżnik na Rubinowej Plażygluten

    Fried pikeperch steak served on creamy beetroot pearl-barley with cyrlykale stewed on aromatic garlic and crunchy soup vegetables


  • 13zł

    Panna Cottagluten

    The dessert comes from sunny Italy. Under this mysterious name is nothing more than a milky jelly, made of dense cream accompanied by fresh strawberries, raspberries, blueberries and handmade fruit sauce

  • 15zł

    Gorąca Szarlotkagluten

    Traditional apple pie served warm with ice cream and raspberry mousse

  • 14zł

    Festiwal owocowo lodowygluten

    Two scoops of ice cream with seasonal fruit and fruit sauce

For the little ones

  • 6zł

    Aksamitna zupa pomidorowagluten

    Tomato soup with noodles, served in a consommé saucer

  • 15zł


    Pieces of chicken fillet in crispy breadcrumbs with fries and carrot salad

  • 17zł


    Pizza with nutella, seasonal fruit and whipped cream

  • 8zł

    Zmrożony Pajacgluten

    Scoop of ice cream with chocolate sauce and whipped cream

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